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Cheapandeep store, created in 2019 by the team, dedicated to the exploring the undersea ‒ oceans, seas, rivers, stone-pits and caves. These people, who after years of buying equipment abroad, have found the time and opportunity to build up an online store of diving equipment in Russia. It is the store, which has to offer divers of any skill level the prices, which are not higher than in foreign online stores. And everyone ‒ a beginner, leisure or technical diver, will be able to order the necessary equipment in Russia at the lowest possible price and in a short time, without having to wait for a parcel from across the border.

All the time of the store's existence, we work tirelessly: market analysis, visits to factories, trips to different exhibitions, studying the products and their differences, and the whole thing allows us to find the farm-gate of goods, excluding redundant steps from the chain. The work we’ve done gives us the opportunity to sell equipment the lowest possible price.

As a rule, one company produces products under two, three or more trademarks (if you are interested, subscribe to our YouTube channel, where a single video will be taken up to this topic).