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Hybrid D1 Drysuit for women

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Dry wetsuit D1 HYBRID ISS
Patented drysuit with 3D mesh lining and built-in silicone obturators.
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Is there an ideal dry wetsuit?
The D1 Hybrid drysuit is the first drysuit with a permanent thermal insulation volume. The D1 model has silicone obturators and a unique 3D mesh lining. The two outer layers of the lining do not fit together closely due to nylon springs – the design is similar to a regular spring mattress.
INSULATION - It is all a matter of distance and to keep the insulating air between you and the cold water. The Patented 3D Mesh inner lining does the job and works like a thermos. It creates a Constant Insulation Volume C.I.V.
VENTILATION - The Patented 3D Mesh inner lining provides an unrestricted airflow and no trapped air. It makes buoyancy control easy to master and controls the inner climate. After a dive it dries out faster.
CONDENSATION - The constant distance and unrestricted airflow provided by Waterproofs 3D Mesh inner lining will keep the moist air away from your body. As a result you will feel dry and warm. The 3D Mesh lining does not absorb any liquid and will stay dry.
PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION - The 3D Mesh has exceptional resistance to pressure. It provides real pressure distribution and keeps the distance constant to the outer shell. This virtually eliminates squeeze and cold spots.
FIXED LINING - The lining is fixed to the suit, this allows a slimmer fitting suit cut and your body moves freely inside the lining. Since it is fixed you have no obstacles when donning and of course, no overheating on land.
DRESS CODE: LIGHT - Since the insulation is built into the suit, there is no need for any heavy underwear. D1 Hybrid provides constant insulation at all depths.
As a unit:
- H1 5/7mm helmet with H. A. V. S. drainage valve
-waterproof 1000 Cordura wetsuit Bag that can be carried as a backpack
-Suspenders and hose at low pressure
- A set of spare silicone obturators.
Non-slip coating on the back-a raised polyurethane coating on the buttock provides protection from abrasion and prevents slipping when sitting.
ANATOMICAL DESIGN – all the main parts responsible for the mobility of the arms, legs and body are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum freedom of movement.
ANGLED SOLE-the Sole is positioned at a wide angle to the lower leg to reduce the load on the calf and ankle when rowing.
APP - program of advanced standards (Waterproofs Advanced Performance program). When developing these products, special attention is paid to the shape, functionality and durability of the suits.
FOLDING DESIGN FOR greater mobility - the neck obturator has a fold in the back to make it easier for you to move your head.
SAFETY VALVE - an internal safety valve keeps the jacket warm and prevents it from getting into the zipper.
CORDURA INGUINAL AREA – the Inguinal area is made from a single piece of high-strength Cordura. No stitches.
D-RINGS - two D-rings in each pocket will allow you to secure everything you want to take with you.
TWO EXPANDABLE POCKETS - heavy-duty expandable pockets, depending on your desire, provide you with either a large capacity or a streamlined profile. Two D-rings inside.
ELASTIC WAISTBAND - removable elastic waistband in front and back.
BOOTS with a WIDE ENTRANCE - the top of the bot is expanded in the back of the calf, which makes it easier to put them on.
DURABLE EXTERNAL VALVE – the External valve provides reliable protection for dry lightning.
REFLECTIVE LOGO - the suit is clearly visible thanks to the reflective patch.
SPARE SILICONE OBTURATORS INCLUDED – the suit comes with a set of spare silicone obturators for the neck and wrist.
WATERPROOF BAG INCLUDED – the package includes a Cordura 1000 waterproof bag that can be carried as a backpack.
H1 H. A. V. s HELMET INCLUDED - H1 helmet with HAVS drain valve system has 7 mm double-layer protection in areas characterized by the greatest heat loss. Smooth obturation in the face and neck. It is filled under the thermal protection valve on the neck of the wetsuit.
Built-in SUSPENDERS - adjustable built-in suspenders for greater comfort.
KEVLAR knee PADS - the knees are reinforced with kevlar pads made from military grade Kevlar Schoeller ® "Keprotec".
CAST HOLDERS for the FINS STRAP - ensure the reliability and comfort of fixing the fins on the leg.
One-piece Velcro CLOSURE - the heat-proof flap on the neck is attached to a velcro clasp made of special Japanese plush and has cast polyurethane tips that are firmly fastened and do not cling to the fabric of the suit.
PRESSURE TESTED – each suit is tested at high pressure.
REFLECTIVE LOGO - the wetsuit is clearly visible thanks to the reflective patch.
SEAMLESS GROIN AREA – since the seams in the perineum and armpits wear out the fastest, the suit is cut in such a way that there are no seams in these places.
SI-TECH VALVES – rotating blow-in valve and adjustable automatic bleed valve.
3D MESH LINING - the built-in patented 3D mesh lining is equipped with a suspender mount.   
• Provides a constant volume air layer between the diver's body and the outer shell of the wetsuit 
• Can withstand pressure and compression 
• Has a soft cushioning effect 
• Softens the impact 
• Has the effect of memory returning to its original form after compression 
• Lightweight 
• Anatomical design and excellent flowability 
• Provides free air circulation
NECK INSULATION is a unique development of the specialists of the company Waterproof, a heat-proof neck valve with drainage valves and a Velcro fastener with cast tips.
Built-in quick-change obturators WP - obturators on the wrists are easy to replace thanks to a special attachment with new quick-release connectors on oval rings. The D1 model is equipped with new built-in silicone obturators.
Silicone NECK OBTURATOR WP - the neck obturator is attached to the suit using a special ring. Easily replaceable. Resistant to chemicals, UV and ozone. Provides comfort wearing.
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